Craps Online in US Casinos

Craps Online in US Casinos
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In terms of uniqueness, the game of craps easily stands out in the crowd of popular casino games. This uniqueness can be attributed to the fact that bets are placed on the roll of a dice in this game unlike other games which involve cards and slot machines. In this game, players can put money on the line against each other’s bets or a bank’s (reference to casino). Here, either a single player or several players tend to place bets against the casino. There is also the option of playing craps online in the US at an online casino.

Craps Online in US Casinos
Craps Online in US Casinos
Craps Online in US Casinos
Craps play online free

Game Play and Equipment

The equipment for the game of craps consists of a large oval table which is occupied by all the players and the employees of the casino. The only other equipment needed is a pair of dice. A standard craps table can hold up to 12 players who are playing the game simultaneously. The player who rolls the pair of dice is known as the shooter. The key objective of the game is to place bets on the result of the roll of the dice. At the start of the game, the shooter needs to choose two dice from among five that are placed in front of him. Prior to the roll of the dice, all players place a bet on the pass line. If the roll of the dice produces a total of seven or eleven, all players who have placed the bet win. However, if a seven or eleven does not come up, the shooter will keep rolling until one of the numbers comes up. There are a number of different types of bets placed in a game of craps such as pass line bet, come bet, field bet, hard way bet, big 6 & 8 bet, don’t come bet and one roll bets.

Craps Strategies

There is no specific strategy that you can apply while playing a game of craps as it is totally dependent on what the result of the dice roll is and there is no one way to predict that. However, it can be useful if you take your own time and place your bets after giving a cautious thought. There is no point being pressurized by all the buzz and noise of all the people around you. It is also wise not to play large bets at the start otherwise you end up losing a lot of money. Other methods that can be helpful for you are to play craps free online in the US in order to get accustomed to the game and its methods or to observe others play the game while you watch.

Playing Craps Online

You can easily find options to play casino craps online in the USA. There so many good online casinos available that it is hard to keep count. You should opt for any casino that is offering benefits such as the no deposit scheme, joining bonus, reload bonus and others. Once you find a suitable casino, you can play according to your time.

Craps may be low on popularity as compared to other casino games, but it is still a game which can help you win lots of money once you are clear about its concept and rules.

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