More table games instead of slot machines


Slot machines, once favored with thousands of fans throughout the world, are losing their first place among the gamblers in Maryland. 1,350 slots were thrown away in such largest Maryland casinos as Maryland Live, Horseshoe Casino Baltimore and Hollywood Casino Perryville over the last 15 months. This comprises 16 percent of the general amount of slots. The casinos are going to give preference to table games as well as to other gaming facilities and restaurants.

Slot machines in Nevada

More table games instead of slot machines

The problems connected with the reduction of slots’ popularity and low income are evident not only in Maryland, but in other states as well. Just compare, the state of Nevada had 217,000 slots in 2001 and only 175,000 in 2015. And it is quite understandable that the revenues fell by 20% between 2007 and 2014. There is a belief that this situation occurred in response to high taxes of 57-61% and table games has only 20%.

Meantime, a $12 billion Nation Harbor Casino is going to be opened by the company MGM, offering its visitors 3,600 slots and 140 table games.

So the fans of slot machine can breathe with relief.

How to combat the problem?

The way out from such a situation in Nevada was found by its governor, who imposed a bill demanding to create interactive type of slots. He is sure that young players will appreciate the possibility to win due to their skills and not only thanks to their luck. Some of the casinos even intend to introduce “gaming zones” for such interactive gaming machines.

Maryland decided to follow quite the other way. They released a number of slots on the basis of outstanding TV series – “Game of Thrones”, “Sex and the City,” “CSI”.

Giant Jackpot of $100,000 was also introduced by Maryland Live and the lucky winner received $97,797,57 on a 60-cent bet on May 31.

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