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New Yorkers are waiting for December, 17 to know the verdict of the Board


New York and its citizens are waiting for December, 17th. Do you know why? This is the date when the state is going to define the casinos question.

Robert Williams, the State Gaming Executive Director announced that on the 17th of December the Gaming Facility Location Board is having its final assembly in Albany and it is going to approve the decision on which of the sixteen casinos operators will get their licenses.

“The Gaming Facility Location Board has decided to meet for the three purposes to talk about the financial and employment issues of the gambling operators that are in response to the Request For Application to Develop and Operate a Gaming Facility in New York State,” Robert Williams commented at a Gaming Commission on Monday. He also added that their latest meeting occurred on Friday at the University of Hofstra. As there is not much info about the Board’s review and prudence, Williams agreed that they have experimentally planned to meet for the last time in December, 17, in Albany.

The leader of the Gaming Facility Location Board, Kevin Law, declared last week that he did hope to know the decision of the Board at the coming meeting.

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In a letter sent on Monday by Mitchell Etess, the chief executive of the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority, he actuated the gambling officials that in spite of his recently announced intentions to leave the position in 2015, he decided to continue and supervise how the plans of the MTGA are developing for a bidder at the previous Concord Resort in the Catskills.

Etess commented, “I’m glad that reduction of my contemporary duties with MTGA will give me a chance to superintend this project more attentively as it is very dear to me.”

One of the 16 operators wishing to receive one of the 4 licenses that will be given by the state for the coming year for sites in Capitol Region, the Hudson Valley/Catskills area and the Southern Tier is Mohegan Sun. According to the accepted law in 2013, every area must receive one license but not more than two.

The Hudson Valley/Catskills area is the leading rival, as it accounts for 9 of the bids.