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The end of the deal between Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH and TCS John Huxley Ltd


Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH tells about the end of its agreement with the British TCS John Huxley Ltd firm specializing in sales and distribution of electronic table games from Novomatic brand.

One of the prominent manufacturers of online gambling software and services, Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH (AGI), speaks about finishing of their partnership with the United Kingdom Company TCS John Huxley Ltd as to the selling and distributing of its brand Novomatic’s multiplayer games, which are electronic table game products.

Based on the release published by the Austrian company, July 31st, 2015 will be the last days of this partnership. There are still no data as to the background of these intentions, because no inquiries are responded.

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“As and from August, 2015 AGI will fully direct all international sales and dispensing of its multiplayer product range straightforwardly, through its subsidiary companies in some administrations and via fixed distribution partners in precise markets. TCS John Huxley will still contain access to software and spare parts support, by means of AGI approved local channels, for this NOVOMATIC product range and thus is going to give related services in certain designated markets,” issued AGI Company.

“AGI intends to thank TCS John Huxley for its long commitment to NOVOMATIC (Roulette) and its market leading multiplayer product range. Whereas circumstances now prescribe that AGI will now transport commercial responsibility for these products back ‘in house’, the length of our partnership with TCS John Huxley and the choice affair that our companies have shared have been a main factor in the luck of NOVOMATIC multiplayer products across the world. For that I am going to thank for the amazing professional dealings that AGI has given over the years with TCS John Huxley,” summarized the Sales Director of AGI Mr Jens Einhaus.