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X-mas gifts can lead to gambling problems?


According to the study made by the University of Illinois and the University of Missouri, superfluous Christmas presents can have a negative effect on children making them gambling addictive with other relationship problems. 700 grown-ups took part in the study.

The study was held specifically in X-mas time to warn parents not to buy everything their children want to avoid problems in future and to save their money.

This is the first time when the research has seen the connection between excessive gifts and possible gambling problems in future.

Professor Marsha Richins from the University of Missouri admits that such a strategy of bringing up children gives birth to materialistic grown-ups who are directed to obtaining various materialistic properties. They will be happy only with new and new valuable possessions. As a result, they will evaluate other people according to this criterion, which can lead to gambling addictions, problems in marriages, debts and overall standard of weld-being.

The researchers came to the conclusion that parent should avoid the following three parental strategies: reward children with material gifts for some achievements; prove their love with gifts; take away gifts as a means of punishment.

Professor Lan Chaplin from the University of Illinois remarks that it is not necessary to deprive children from all the gifts, but the parents should teach their children to be grateful for what they get and not to accept everything from materialistic point of view.